Monologues of n Women is a devised theatre piece with a topic of reflecting the dilemmas that women face in modern society. The creation of the script is based on real-life experiences of women of different ages, occupations, and cultural backgrounds, combined with dance, drama, music, and poetry aspects. We wish to present the real obstacles, struggles and hopes that Chinese women had growing up. We also hope that this show is both a true and objective mirror and a strong and powerful voice.


Theatre artist, therapist, student, software engineer, project manager, French crepe shop owner… We have many identities in society. However, most of us share an identity – women. This is a theatrical work that we’ve created collectively. This is where our pains and joys, music and dances lie. Welcome to come to listen to our stories.

Creators 创作者

Christie Zhao
Director, Producer
Siming Lu
Melanie Zeng

09/2022 Premiere Version

Run Crew: Rebecca Sun, Annabelle Zha, Yue
Light Board Operator: Jia Yu
Sound/Music/Projection Operator: Stella Sun, Peiquan Lin